Comedy Central Preys on Black People

Ain’t no black folks voting for no Trump. This just Comedy Central having jokes at black folks expense. Probably some police waiting there to beat ’em if they didn’t say that. The Nightly Show with Larry WilmoreGet More: The Nightly Show Full Episodes,The Nightly Show on Facebook,The Nightly Show Video Archive

Our Slow Global Holocaust

As I write this, we are slowly dying. We are all a part of Mother Earth, and she is in her death throes.  As her resources are RAPED to be burned in the furnace of our own demise; her wildlife PILLAGED to quench our blood-lust; her fragile veil of atmosphere TORN TO SHREDS with the knives of…

State Sponsored MURDER!!!

Can I just start off by saying how much I CAN’T STAND YOU!!!  I’m talking to almost ALL OF YOU!!!  YOU TAKERS OF LIFE!!!! I can barely breath as I write this, but I will keep pressing on with the GOOOOOOD FIGHT!!!! How can I live with this type of ridiculousness? Abortions are not a…

Cut Too Short

What’s more offensive: The festering diseases under your foreskin or the fear of being cut too short? You could have been blaming your parents this whole time! #cuttooshort