Headdress, Keffiyehs AND Tramp Stamps…

As a Native American who was never afforded the ability to go on “Spring Break” like this rich, white ‘Greek’ kids from the University of Illinois, I am highly offended by the blatant racism portrayed in this picture from a “Spring Break” themed party hosted by Acacia and Alpha Phi. As if the University once having an offensive mascot was not enough, now they have allowed the racism to spread beyond my people to Middle-Easterners, white trash and, well, look at the picture…a LOT of other minority groups! Shame on you University of Illinois, Acacia and Alpha Phi!

Frat PartyPicture Source: Muhammad Yousuf, Facebook

…And as far as the apology…real sincere guys!

“….We would never intentionally plan to harm any individuals or ethnic groups. We understand in the past other organizations have intentionally offended minorities and we empathize with the grief that it has caused students on not only on our campus, but also across the country.…we are fully aware we do not get to decide what is seen as racism, it is in the eyes of the beholder. Our chapters know that other organizations’ have hosted themed parties in the past with insensitive themes, and we try to do everything we can to prevent offending anyone….We appreciate the struggles that those in ethnic minorities face every day in this country and would much rather act as a hand that offers help to all of those in the UIUC community instead one that is pushing people away….”

Now go support my people and head to the local casino!

Source: USA Today

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